is an IP address. It represents the last real IP address in a range of is a broadcast address and thus it cannot be used by any device. Instead it is used to broadcast a message to all IP addresses within 192.168.1.* network. is typically assigned as a default IP address by several routers vendors. It is a good default address because it represents the last IP address in a range so all devices in a network could be assigned addresses from to

Administration and Diagnostics

If you know that your router is assigned IP address then all that you need to administer it is to type in a browser. This will bring router administration interface where you can login and administer your router. Please note that changing router settings can potentially make your home or business network malfunction. So make sure to do it very carefully.

If you don't see anything at or see an error then most probably your router is not configured to be located at or it may be that device that you use is to connect to a router is not connected to a network or connected to a network different from a router which uses IP address. In this case the best way to check if your router is functioning correctly is to connect with it via Ethernet cable by pluging it in to your device and router. This will make sure that you have direct connection to your router and will be able to administer it.

In case you need instructions on how to find out what IP address your router uses on your home or business network please refer to home page of this website for detailed instructions on how to find it.

We also have several articles on this website which will guide you on various tasks of router administration.

Routers could also be used a a default address for following routers

  • Netopia Internet gateways
  • 3Com OfficeConnect routers
  • Billion routers
  • Linksys SRW2024 managed switches
  • Westell modems for Bellsouth