Fixing common router problems

Most common problem when configuring home network is malfunction of a router or its incorrect configuration. Even though it could look like hard task diagnosing and fixing router problems is not too tricky. You just need to follow the steps and try to figure out which component in your home network doesn't work.

Below are several useful hints which may help you diagnose problem in your home network.

Problem: no connection to internet from your device which uses wi-fi connection.

Solution: try connecting to the router using network cable. This will make sure that your problems are not caused by incorrect wi-fi configuration. If connecting with network cable fixes your internet problem then you need to check your router wi-fi network settings to make sure it is configured correctly.

Problem: wi-fi connection is slow and sometime internet stops working

Solution: try to check if wi-fi performance depends on how far your computer from your router. Lots of routers have limited range and some construction materials seriously degrade wi-fi signal.

Problem: internet connection is not working and your computer is connected to your router with network cable

Solution: check if light corresponding to network port where your cable is plugged in is blinking. If it is not there could be something wrong with network cable or router port. If cable is working fine check that you can access your router administrative interface using or addresses (router could also have a different IP address assigned - you can learn how to find it on this website).