How to change default DNS addresses

DNS server is responsible for translating web site name to their corresponding IP addresses. There are multiple DNS servers on the internet network each responsible for specific part of the website names database. DNS servers are distributed over the world and when you type website name in your browser it usually contacts nearest DNS server to get website name translated to IP address. If this translation record is absent in the nearest DNS server then next one will be contacted until match is found.

It is frequent that local DNS server (it is usually hosted by your internet provider) fails for several minutes during the day. When it happens users are not able to access most of the websites since browser won't know what IP address to use. To prevent this error from happening you can use DNS servers provided by Google. These DNS servers are hosted in Google data centers throughout the world and are very reliable. Chance of them failing is much lower than chance of local server failure.

IP addresses of Google servers are:

You can also use OpenDNS DNS servers: 

If you update you DNS server settings to these addresses you may experience improvement in your internet service.

Below are instructions on how to update your DNS settings on Windows OS.

1) Launch Windows Control Panel.

2) In "Network and Internet" group select "View network status and tasks" or if control panel items list is not grouped select "Network and sharing center"

3) Click on "Change adapter settings" item on the left bar.

4) You will see a window with a list of your network adapters. Select the one which you're current using (most frequently you will have just one which is active) and click right mouse button.

5) In a pop up menu select "Properties".

6) Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) in a list and click on "Properties".

7) Now you will see dialog with advanced settings for TCP/IPv4.

8) Select "Use following DNS server addresses". Type DNS IP address either for Google or Open DNS.

9) Click OK. Your DNS servers info will get update right away.