IP Address IP Address is used as a default IP address by Clear WIXFBR-117, D-Link VWR-VR and Linksys RT31P2 routers.

Clear router setup

Please locate your Modem’s default wi-fi Network name and password located on a label near the bottom of the device

- From your device, view the available networks

- Select the Modem’s wi-fi Network (located on the label)

- Enter the wi-fi password, exactly as it appears on the label

- Your device should display a message indicating it has connected to your Modem’s wi-fi Network As an alternative to wi-fi, you can use the included Ethernet Cable to connect to the Modem

Once your’ve set up your Modem and connected to the wi-fi Network, you should change the Modem’s wi-fi Network Name (SSID) and the

Default Password to something easy to remember.

- Log in to your Modem’s Home Page by entering into your web browser

- Enter the default Password (CLEAR123)

- From the Menu, select “Basic” then ‘Wi-Fi”

- Enter your new wi-fi Network Name and Password (the wi-fi- Password must be between 8 and 63 characters)

-Click “apply” to save the changes

- Use your computer’s wireless Connection Manager to find your wi-fi Network Name and connect using the new wi-fi password