IP Address IP Address is used by 3JTech DWR, Adaptect AWN-8084, GL.iNet 6416A, GL.iNet AR-150 and Medialink MWN-WAPR300N routers.


3JTech manufactures OEM/ODM high-tech products for the IT computer market, industrial market, and security market. For security industry, 3JTech not only provides hardware but also the server solution to do the recurring revenue business.

3JTech was founder in 1977 by Dr. Wen J Whan, as a geophysics company (GeoPacific Resources, Inc.) developing instruments and tools for oil and geothermal searching. Through the same concept, communication products could be developed; thus, in 1988, 3JTech was transformed into developing products of such kind. At first, 3JTech was dedicated in Macintosh and PC peripherals for the Information Technology and industrial market. In 1996, security products were added to the product line.

Most of 3JTech routers use address as a default. That means that you can use IP addresses between and to identify devices in your network managed by 3JTech router.

More information: http://3jtech.com/about.htm

How to Setup 3JTech DWR router

Set up the DWR for ADSL/cable modem

1. Connect the WAN port on the DWR to your DSL modem, cable modem or to your Ethernet Hub if you have the fixed IP.

2. Determine your provider’s IP scheme: fixed IP, DHCP or PPPoE. (Please ask your Internet Service Provider for the connection details and information.)

3. Type into IE browser to enter the setup for the DWR.

4. Please input “cameras” as the user name and the password for the DWR.

5. PPPoE Æ Set up the PPPoE account (User Name and Password) on the DWR. Ver

6. If your WAN port is using a fixed IP Æ Set up the fixed IP on the DWR.

7. For cable modem users (DHCP), please leave the Internet setup as default.

For more details please download 3JTech DWR Manual

Adaptec AWN-8084 setup

1. Open your web browser.

2. In the browser's address box, type

3. The Login Page appears.

4. By default, no password is set. However, if you set a password during a previous session, enter it now.

5. Click Login. The device info page appears. It provides basic status information about your wireless router.

For more details see Adaptec AWN-8084 Manual