IP Configuration IP address is used as a default address to locate and configure Linksys routers. It is very similar to in a sense that both IP addresses are used by routers as default addresses and also could be used to configure them. So if you have Linksys router this IP address would be the best guess to type in a browser to get to the configuration panel.

If you have Linksys router (or another router which typically uses as default IP address) but you are unable to connect to it there could be several reasons for it.

A typical reason is that your router default IP address was changed to a different one and you need to find it out. You can read instructions on finding out IP address of the router on a home page of this website.

Another reason could be that you are not connected to the network. Make sure that your wired connection is ok (lights are blinking both on router and computer). For wireless check if you have a strong signal since sometimes wireless networks may start to behave strangely when device is too far from the router. Also make sure that IP address of your device is not starting with 169.254 - having IP address like that assigned usually means something went wrong with network configuration and device cannot obtain IP address from the router.

You can also perform this basic check list to make sure that your network is functioning correctly:

- Check that router is powered

- Check that router is connected to the DSL/cable

- Verify that Power, DSL/Cable, Internet lights are blinking or steady on the router. Frequently blinking light on DSL/cable with Internet light off could mean connection issues.

- Make sure that Wireless network is enabled in the router. Frequently there is a button on the router which turns on and turns of wireless network.

If none of these helps consult router manual for troubleshooting instructions. If you suspect that network is configured correctly but there is no internet connection then contact your ISP for instructions on setting it up.